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Data Centers are a unique challenge based on critical requirements for redundancy to avoid downtime, efficiency during 24/7/365 operation and flexiblity for expansion or modifications. The compact size of ClimaCool systems are ideal for data centers needing to minimize mechanical equipment space and maximize rack space. ClimaCool’s separate electrical feeds mean built-in redundancy. In addition, due to those separate electrical feeds, generators can be sized for the start-up amps of one modular chiller in the bank, versus a traditional whole (large) centrifugal chiller.

Northrop Grumman

Redondo Beach, California

Modular Chiller: Packaged Air Cooled, Cooling Only

University of North Dakota

Grand Forks, North Dakota

Modular Chiller: High Temperature Chiller/Heater Heat Recovery

The data center accommodates 5,000 square feet of raised floor Tier III data center space and approximately 5,000 square feet of required equipment/operation support space. The data center is the primary site for delivery of core technology services within the North Dakota University System.

Ansys, Inc.

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

Modular Chiller: High Temperature Chiller/Heater Heat Recovery

Headquarters of a global leader in engineering simulation software, the 186,000 square foot sustainable building design meets LEED® Core & Shell Certified level. ClimaCool's modules were strategically installed with valves as end caps so additional modules could be added without shutting down the cooling system.

ClimaCool Corp.

15 S. Virginia Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK 73106

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