A comfortable office environment provides not only comfortable temperature and humidity but also high indoor air quality and none of the distraction of noisy mechanical systems. Shoppers appreciate the same comforts; you might even say they expect them. Count on ClimaCool to deliver that performance efficiently and reliably as loads change during the day or the seasons.

PNC Bank

Toledo, Ohio

Modular Chiller: Water Cooled

The five 85-ton units in this ClimaCool modular chiller system function as one piece of equipment yet can be controlled separately. Thus, the 425-ton system is powerful enough to cool the entire building on peak days, but it can also be turned down to power one or two units during off-peak loads, resulting in annual energy cost savings of $42,000.

Chase Towers

Chicago, Illinois

Modular Chiller: Simultaneous Heating and Cooling Heat Recovery

This 60-story, multi-tenant office building located in the Chicago Loop uses SHC heat recovery modules to provide hot water to the building so their large boilers can be off for as long as possible and take advantage of the ‘free’ hot water the modules supply while they are cooling. With its height, the building required custom design of chillers in order to operate under the 400-pound system water pressure. This renovation project achieved LEED® Platinum certification.

Pike Place Market

Seattle, Washington

Modular Chiller: Simultaneous Heating & Cooling Heat Pump

Founded in 1907, Pike Place Market is Seattle’s original Farmers' Market. Encompassing a nine-acre Historic District overlooking Elliott Bay, the market is the center of locally sourced, artisanal and specialty foods. Instead of rejecting heat to a cooling tower or ground loop, the system rejects it to the refrigerant loop. Pike Place Market is continually growing - space savings for expansions and virtually plug-and-play installation are key benefits of the ClimaCool system here.

ClimaCool Corp.

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