Designed to treat 100% outdoor air from inception, the ClimaCool configurable packaged rooftop units exceed ASHRAE Standard 90.1 through high efficiency scroll compressors, optimized heat transfer, variable speed condenser fans with EC motors and modulating control. Available in capacities from 6 to 90 tons. Design offers efficiencies up to 10.9 EER at full-load and up to 17.5 EER at part-load (IPLV) exceeding ASHRAE 90.1 minimum efficiency requirements.

Tonnages: 6 to 90 tons


• Air Cooled Cooling

• Air Cooled Heat Pump

• Geoxchange Heat Pump

• Chilled Water and Direct Expansion Air Handler


Quality Construction. 2-inch double wall construction for entire cabinet. Polyurethane foam injected panels for all doors, roof, walls and floor. R-13 insulation and thermal break providing moisture barrier and improved IAQ. Sloped roof eliminates standing water.

Redundant. Dual R-410A scroll compressors with independent refrigeration circuits for efficient, quiet operation.

Energy Recovery Option. Hard core molecular sieve desiccant with slide-out conveyor system. Defrost control, pulse or variable speed. Certified performance per AHRI 1060.

Controls Versality. Fully-integrated DDC controls with terminal strip for field installed controls. Optional factory mounting of customer-supplied controls.

IAQ Compliant. Double-sloped, stainless steel drain pan. Slide-out design for ease of cleaning. ASHRAE Std. 62.1 compliant.

Performance Verification. AMCA Certified. Integral variable speed, direct drive. Built-in airflow measurement device. Optional airflow monitoring for supply air verification.

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