Modular Chiller Systems

Modular chiller systems are the modern alternative to traditional chiller systems, offering innovative solutions for building owners, system designers and installers. With the design configuration flexibility and a broad range of our modular chiller choices, we offer savings that large conventional chillers can’t match.

Advantages of Modular Chillers

True Redundancy. Separate module electrical feed and dual independent refrigeration circuits mean built-in redundancy for 24/7 performance, even during maintenance.

Energy Cost Savings. Achieve energy efficiency with truly tailored turndown to your exact load requirements – no more, no less. And you can have the potential to cool and recover heat in the same machine, which can lead you to a lower cost of ownership.

Expandability. Your modular chiller bank can grow as the cooling and heating load demands of your facility grow or change.

Space Saving. Modular chiller banks typically have a smaller footprint than a conventional chiller with the same capacity, making them ideal for replacement projects where space or access to the mechanical room is limited. When you compare the footprint of our Simultaneous Cooling and Heating unit to the combined bulk of a chiller and boiler, the space savings are even greater.

Ease of Installation. The compact size of our chiller module fit through a typical 36” wide doorway and onto standard freight elevators.

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