Reduce energy consumption and the environmental impact of your heating and cooling equipment by harnessing energy that is already being produced but not used. This system eliminates the need to have separate equipment for heating and cooling, while saving installation cost, overall operating cost and reducing the physical footprint. Includes high efficiency, variable speed EC condenser fans with integral head pressure control and acoustical design providing low operating noise levels. The packaged air cooled SHC onDEMAND® provides hot water, as high as 135°F, while offering a minimum cooling efficiency of 10.0 EER with typical heating efficiencies around 3.0 COP.

Tonnages: 50, 70

Configurations: From 50 - 420 tons per bank

Voltages: 208, 230, 460 and 575


  • 50, 70 tons: 83 3/4” W x 107-1/4” H x 93-1/2” D
  • 50 tons with VFD: 83 3/4” W x 107-1/4” H x 108-1/2" D
  • 70 tons with VFD: 83 3/4” W x 107-1/4” H x  115" D

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